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  1. The software looks nice and your review is very useful ! Thank you ! I have one practical question however: in the AppStore catalogue, this software is shown with a last release date of October 2015. I wonder if it’s still an up-to-date maintained product that fits well in the latest OS X, or if it is about to be discontinued in favor of other autodesk products. What’s your opinion ?

    1. I am running os10.12 and currently no issues with running Graphic.

      I have conversed with the authors when I republished this post earlier this year. There response was quick and they offered up a some helpful links that I added so I think that they are still available for support. Hopefully Autodesk have not just bought up the app just to allow it to rundown in favour of their over products.

      I will be contacting them about an update, and maybe you might like to do the same before investing £28.99.

      I will update the post once I have their reply.

      1. Ok. Just had a reply from Bogan Oancea from Autodesk Graphic. Took then less than an hour to get back to me and all on a Sunday morning. Here’s what he wrote.

        “Hi John,

        Thanks for writing. 2016 kept us busy with major improvements to the iPad version of Graphic — improved palm rejection with the Apple Pencil, improved Pencil support, ‘Paste Inside’ vector masking, keyboard shortcuts support, improved iCloud Drive support and bug fixes. The developer team is working on the next major update for both Mac and iOS, and we hope to have it out soon with another round of improvements.

        BTW, we’ve also released our YouTube channel with short videos for using Graphic on the Mac:

        If you encounter any difficulties when using Graphic, support is here — just let us know and we’re glad to help.


        Bogdan Oancea – Autodesk, Inc.

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