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Share your small business story with other readers for added recognition.

Every business, small or large, has it’s has a story to tell.   Richard out in a red phone box and I began designing logos as it become more profitable  than my photography venture.  So I thought it be interesting to invite our readers share small business story.

When and how did an entrepreneur come up with a business  concept?  What events led up to this decision?  How was a plan put into action and what pitfalls people come across when first starting up?

Do you have an interesting or entertaining  business story?

No matter if you are a great seasoned blogger or a complete novice.  Editorial skills are not essential (and not my strong point either) as your gust post can be edited before it is published on this blog along with a bio if you provide one and a link to a related business website or social media page adding extra link juice to your S.E.O. efforts.

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There are only three rules for qualifying posts to become published.

1 Original material.

We can not use material that has already been published on the internet in one form or another.  This is very bad for S.E.O. and can result in a penalty from Google.  This includes your own material that has already been published it one way or another.  Like in Your own about page or a blog post.  We would still love to include your business story on our blog so we ask that you rewrite it in another way.

2 No Sensitive material.

This blog is a family show.  So no adult industry related type posts, anything drug related and gambling.  Basicity, if you can’t show it to your mum then it probably  isn’t suitable.  If you are not sure you can always drop me a line.

3 Three hundred word minimum.

The longer your post the better but in order to work well with S.E.O. 300 words is the bare minimum.  This short post is just under 400 words.

All you need to do is…


Just send your “small business story” in in either “Word”, “Pages”, or “Doc” format along with supporting images and relevant links to your website, social media pages and other relevant links to the story.  And thats it.  I will read every one and hopefully every one will get published.


Happy writing every body.

Buy a new laptop on Amazon to write your small business story
Buy a new laptop on Amazon to write your small business story.

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