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Personalised Dachshund Word Art to print yourself

I am creating a new line of personalised printable Word Art available as a digital image file.  you can either print the image yourself or send it to an online printing service.   And of course, as the proud daddy of a small pack of canine creatures I have started with a dachshund word art image.

Once I have created several more templates I will place the in an online shop.  Maybe on this site or a completely new domain.  But for now I think it will just make a nice post with the added bonus of being able to make a purchase at the end.

Here is my Dachshund word art.

dachshund word art

The image is formed into the silhouette shape of a Dachshund.  Also referred as a “sausage dog”, characterised by its long body shape.

The words chosen to build the image are descriptive to the characteristics of the Dachshund  Bread.

As I mentioned above, this personalised Dachshund Word Art is designed for printing your self.  You can do this at home or in the office, if you boss  allows such perks.

Take it as it is or have it personalised.

Your Dachshund Word Art can be personalised with your pets name and you can chooses your own two colours. You can also choose to leave it as it is.


The things you can  do with this Dachshund Word Art are numerous.  Here are just some.

  • Print and mount in a frame.
  • print on to transfer paper and iron onto a t-shirt or cushion cover.
  • Have it printed onto mugs, placemats and coasters.
  • Add it to your personal or business stationery.

A great gift idea.

Buy the Dachshund Word Art and use it for yourself or use it to make that special gift for a sausage dog lover you know.

Available and ready for customising.

Just fill  out and submit the order form bellow, complete checkout and your Personalised Dachshund Word Art will land in your email box in a matter of days.

Please give up to four days to allow for buses periods.

Order your Dachshund Word Art today.  Just £2.99


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