Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for using our logo design service.

When you purchase a logo through our logo design service you are entering into a contract with us, Logo Mojo, and by doing so you agree to these terms and conditions.


us our and we = Logo Mojo, logomojo.co.uk and their proprietors.

You = Yourself, the customer, whether an individual, business, group or any other organisation in whole or part.

These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time.

The service.

Once you have made payment and submitted your brief, we, Logo Mojo, will endeavour to prepare and send the first initial (proof) designs within the time frame stated on our own websites and other commercial outlets including but not limited to Ebay and Etsy.  The prices quoted on our websites and other online venues  are promotional and may at times attract a high volume of interest.  The initial turnaround may be affected.  We will inform you if this should happen.

The design process.

You will receive three or more initial proof drafts (dependent on the service you purchase)  based on your brief for you to chose one design concept or ideas.  Once you have chosen a design concept or idea you can request the final files or request revisions and we will make as many revisions to your chosen design concept or idea based on your feedback until you are happy with the end result.

In the case of our unlimited concept service, you do not wish to choose from the first initial designs you can request (a) further design(s) based on your feedback, or, at the initial proof draft stage only,  you can choose to cancel the project and request a refund.

Once the process has passed the first initial design stage you are then committed to the project.

We will prepare and send you the final files in there various formats via email once you have confirmed your approval.

You agree to.

Provide a current and monitored email address for all communication and the delivery of all files, including initial draft concepts, revisions and final files.  You will be responsible  of said email address including monitoring of spam and junk folders.

Supply sufficient information (regarding the design(s) you are looking for) as requested in our product descriptions, online forms and any additional information we my request there after.

Reply to communications (usually  by email) and remotely  participate in the design process

Give constructive feedback during the design process using descriptive terms.


As previously detailed above in the “The design process” You can cancel and request a refund before the process has past the first initial design stage.  Once you have made a commitment and work on the projects passes this stage then we are not obliged to issue a refund.

If you are issued a refund you may not use any logo designs either in proof draft format (watermarked) or otherwise.  Said designs will remain the property of Logo Mojo and their proprietors to display and sell on if they so wish.

Additional charges may occur  if.

We may request additional payment if you should.

Deviate from or change your original  brief substantially during the design process once it has past the first initial design stage.  This includes but not limited to change of business name, change of logo style and requesting a completely different set of designs.

Request finalisation of more than one design concept.

You fail to communicate with us for more than 60 days unless previously agreed.

you request further revisions or amendments after the project has been signed off and the final files have been sent to you.

You request further copy of the final files 30 days after the project has been signed off and the final files have been previously sent to you.

Copyright and ownership.

On receipt , and once the project has been signed off, all final files including purchase of any additional designs and artwork will become your intellectual property for you to use freely for  their intended purpose.

Logo Mojo and their proprietors reserve their  right to store and use your design solely  for promotional purposes including but not limited to, displaying in portfolio online and in print, on their websites and other retail outlets, and social media platforms.

Your ownership will refers to the final files that are sent to you on finalisation of the project including purchase of additional designs.

All other material, including media and concepts (ideas) created by Logo Mojo  during the initial design and revision stages will remain the intellectual property of Logo Mojo and their proprietors.

It is your responsibility to research your company name or any other name associated with your logo and associated logos and  trademarks regarding your brief.  Logo Mojo do not run searches before or during or after the design process.  All artwork is designs from scratch using only the information you supply in your initial brief, updates and changes of, including all feedback.  Any design that we provide to you and its use will be the liability of of you the customer or any other end user.

In any event that you should be legally prevented from using your logo design that Logo Mojo had supplied to you we will return all fees payed by you to us, Logo Mojo, for the associated design.  Logo Mojo and their proprietors will not be liable in any other manor or cost higher than the fees paid for the associated design.

When ordering or purchasing a design service from us, Logo Mojo, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.

Thirty day after sales service.

Once you have finalised the project and received the final files we give you free 30 days after sales care.  This care includes.

Remote assistance with trouble shooting any initial teething problems you may encounter with your files or design.

Assistance resizing (down sizing ) any image files relating to your logo design.

Very minor revisions associated with colours and orientation and aspect ratio in order to get your logo to fit certain spaces. i.e. website logo area.

One spelling era correction. ( it is your responsibly to proof read any drafts and final designs before signing off.)

Answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your design(s) to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Money back guarantee.

If you are not to impressed or have a change of mind about using our service once you received and reviewed  the first initial proof draft designs you can request a full refund of all fees payed up to this point, in writing by email.  We will issue the refund by the end of the next working day or sooner.

Once you have accepted a design from one of the initial designs, including requesting revisions on a design or requested a further design concept (ideas)  then the money back guarantee will no longer apply.

Files and media supplied and issued by us as part of this service.

We use the following file formats as follows.

You will receive between 6 and 7 digital files delivered to you by email and they include

1 jpg. (image file)

1 png. (image file)

1 png on transparent background (This image is dependent on design)

1 pdf.-vector based. (The image in this file will expand when zoomed in without pixelation as it is vector based (plotted) and dose not contain pixels.  It will open in most preview programs and applications, pdf viewers including Adobe Acrobat and your internet browser.  This is the best file for obtaining larger prints.

1 idraw. (this is the file used by the application used when designing your logos and drafts)

1 svg. (this file is a universal vector graphic file that can be opened and edited in all good vector graphic applications including Auto Desk Graphic and Adobe Illustrator (aka ai.)

1 psd. (this file will open in Adobe Photoshop applications: Please note, we do not use photoshop to create your logo)

The two or three main image files and pdf are your general use files and can be used the same way as any digital image file.  The idraw, svg. and psd files require special applications and are supplied for your reference and safe storage for if you should wish to use our services or the services of any other design business or freelancer to make amendments to the design in the further.

It is your responsibility to save, copy, backup and keep safe all of the final files supplied to yo by us.  We may keep your files on our system for a short period and can not guarantee that we will be able to retrieve or duplicate any files once they have been passed to you.  Although we will if we can.  A small fee may be payable by you if you request further copies of you’re files once the 30 day after sales service have expired.